Just what Can be A good Accumulator Wager? 

What Does An Eight Fold Increase Mean?

Some bookies have limitations on the amount they will pay out off a single bet so for those chasing lottery-style windfalls it can pay to be aware of them. Multi legs will be considered ‘Pending’ until they have resulted, meaning the event has concluded and the leg has either won or lost. They will remain in your pending bets section until a leg loses or all legs have been completed and won. Once the outcome has resulted the leg will be show up in your bet history as either ‘Won’ or ‘Lost’.

These bets can be placed as a Single bet, but also combined with other selections into a Multiple bet. The term ‘four-fold bet’, in straightforward terms, is a single bet made up of four selections. The four-fold term refers to the number of selections included in the bet and is also the first point where we refer to a multiple bet as an Accumulator or ‘Acca’. Related Contingencies – If you try to place a full cover bet and you are not allowed to or the number of selections are reduced it could be because one or more of your picks are related.

Accumulator returns calculator – Work out winnings for every possible variety of accumulator bet. Supporting fold options, each way bet, dead heats, rule 4 deductions and more. This calculator is the most comprehensive betting tool available online.

Two selections in one bet is a double, three a treble and anything above is a four-fold, five-fold and six-fold and so on (some might call these a four-leg or four-timer etc.). However, below are other bet types that might fall under the term Multiple in betting. Instead of all selections combined into one bet, these bet types cover various different bet combinations. There are numerous different bet types that bettors can choose from across various sports.

Predicated on the draw forecast in football, this strategy is highly profitable, as the odds of a draw in football never fall below 3.0 (2/1). All you have to do is look for matches that will most likely end in an equal score. Given the fact that the odds for the selections are high, you can be assured of making a high profit even if not all of the selections land. For instance, if you fancy a Liverpool, Everton, and Wolves win, all three teams would have to win their respective games for you to win your bet. To earn a profit from a 2/3 system bet, one of the three combinations must return as predicted.

Since it’s a little more complicated than other types, system bets are recommended for experienced bettors. ‘Full cover bet’ is just another term for a system bet. The best betting sites for system bets are 888sport, bet365, and BetVictor. Don’t forget about the odds converter tool, which is particularly useful if you don’t have a solid understanding of how odds work, given that there are different odd systems.

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