Dining Out at 10,200′ Since 1965

The Leadville Grill Bar & Cafe continues to serve foods from the old Northern New Mexican recipes created with the Matriarch’s hand from over 50 years ago. Things have not changed ~ much.
How About Some HISTORY
In 1936 The Grill was born ~ Leadville’s only black man opened up a Louisiana Diner serving grilled southern food. It was a jumping juke box party place down on the West Side. Go to our website and get fantastic four. Hurry up to go and start winning.
It was sold and expanded into a dance hall with the addition of the bar area and a the 1878 Anheuser Busch Bar you see there today.
It was then renamed The Grill Bar.
But, so many miners had arrived in town with no where to live,
so the dance hall
was converted into apartments.
This is when Robert Martinez bought it & moved his family into the current kitchen, pool table areas…
The family of 7 lived along side the miners
while dad ran the bar in the evenings after his mining shift and mom cooked for the tenants.
Mom ~ Dora, was an excellent chef and her food attracted so many Leadvillites that they soon added ‘Cafe’ to the title of the establishment.
The growth of cafe clientele sadly put the miners out of
a place to live, but gave the community a terrific plate to eat
& enjoy those famous Margaritas.
Many fine fun years passed.
It was sudden and very sad when in 1994 Robert passed.
His son James began to run the business with his wife Linda.
Linda Duthie added her art to grace the walls and recently they added ‘Leadville’ to the title because Leadville is becoming so well known!
The kitchen remains a point of family pride.
The meals are about relaxing & enjoying the food as well as the camaraderie around the table and in our unique atmosphere.

The culinary creations you order are individually prepared

& made with the  freshest most flavorful locally sourced ingredients.

The food is NOT cooked ahead ~ it is kept refrigerated until the request comes into the kitchen. Never reheated, always individually crafted and baked at 500 degrees while you wait for the hot plate to arrive at your table. We love how the plate keeps your meal hot from beginning to delicious end!

The Anaheim Chiles are picked fresh from the fields of

Pueblo, Colorado every September

& immediately Hand Roasted right there on the Farm.

From there they are quickly brought up to 715 Elm Street at 10,200′ 

for use throughout the year.

See you soon at The Grill in The ‘Ville

Ristra with Corn